2nd Tranche Distribution of State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds for Non-entitlement Units of Local Government

The 2nd tranche of the ARPA funding for eligible Non-entitlement Units (NEUs) is available for distribution.

An email was sent to all NEU's of record from the 1st tranche distribution requesting necessary information. If you haven't yet responded, or didn't receive an email from DOA LGSB Portal Registration, please send an email to LGSPortalRegistration@mt.gov with the following:

Unique Entity Identifier (this is new for the 2nd tranche distribution)
NEU Government Entity Name (ex: City of Baker)
Authorized Representative Name and position
Contact phone number
Entity mailing address
Contact email address for both the entity and Authorized Representative (if different)

Distributions will begin the week of June 20th for the NEUs which have responded with confirmation of the Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) and authorized contact information. These funds must be distributed within 30 days of receipt by the State (by July 12, 2022).

The 2nd tranche reallocation to eligible NEUs will include the Town of Browning’s portion as it is no longer an incorporated entity and is, accordingly, not eligible to receive funds.

Counties and metro-cities (Billings, Great Falls, and the City of Missoula) are excluded from the report, as they are not considered Non-entitlement Units of local government. Funding may be requested directly through the US Treasury by counties and metro-cities. NEU guidance is under the Department of Treasury Guidance at the top of the web page.