Distribution of State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds for Non-entitlement Units of Local Government

A total of $ 86.4 million in State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF) was distributed to 123 non-entitlement units (NEUs) of local government in 2021 and 2022. Counties and metro-cities (Billings, Great Falls, and the City of Missoula) were not considered NEUs and received funding directly from the US Treasury.

Each NEU is required to meet compliance and reporting responsibilities, as defined by the US Treasurey, in the Interim Final Rule, the Final Rule (effective on April 1, 2022), and further described in the Compliance and Reporting Guidance. The Reporting Guidance requires program and performance reporting to build public awareness, increase accountability, and monitor compliance of eligible uses of this funding.

Each NEU must submit Project and Expenditure Reports quarterly or annually, based on their total allocation, to the US Treasury.