State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds for Non-entitlement Units of Local Government

Eligible non-entitlement units (NEUs) who requested ARPA funding have received the first tranche and subsequent distributions from the State. As put forth by US Treasury, a state should consider a local government that is no longer in operation and dissolved as unresponsive and ineligible for funding. US Treasury further allows states to issue a subsequent distribution of the funds allocated to such non-responsive NEUs among residual NEUs.

The town of Browning is no longer an incorporated entity and is, accordingly, not eligible to receive funds. Therefore, their allocation has been distributed amongst the eligible NEUs. Payment reports for the first tranche and subsequent distributions are provided below. Counties and metro-cities (Billings, Great Falls, and the city of Missoula) are excluded from the report, as NEU funds did not apply to those entities. Funding could be requested directly through the US Treasury by counties and metro-cities. NEU guidance can be found under the Department of Treasury Guidance at the top of the web page.

First Tranche Final Payment Report

First Tranche Subsequent Payment Report