State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds for Non-entitlement Units of Local Government

As a non-entitlement unit (NEU) of the State of Montana, you will be receiving your ARPA distributions from the State, rather than directly from the federal government.  In order to receive those funds, NEUs must submit a request with all necessary information and documentation.  NEUs can find their allocation totals and Recipient ID number by viewing the NEU Calculations. These funds do not apply to counties, city of Billings, city of Great Falls, and city of Missoula. Those entities must request funding through the US Treasury.

To Submit a Request

Step 1: Review

 Step 2: Complete the Following Forms

 Step 3: Submit the Request

  • NEUs must submit all three forms to Local Government Services Bureau by June 16, 2021, to ensure funds will be distributed no later than June 30, 2021.

There should only be one submission request per NEU. All forms must be completed entirely and submitted in a single email to Local Government Services.